Bureaux Collective's Taste Of Series

Public cuppings are a great way of meeting people, learning about coffee and tasting
something delicious and interesting. I can’t remember the first cupping I attended which
probably seems a bit silly considering I eat, sleep and breath coffee but I can definitely tell
you all about the last one.

...the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion as you.

Taste of: Oslo was a cupping event run by Bureaux Collective, a coffee roasting workspace
for Melbourne cafes. It allows them to take green coffee through the roasting process with
a hands-on approach under the guidance and support of coffee professionals Tim Williams,
Tim Varney and the rest of the Bureaux team.


Taste of: Oslo was the first of a six-part Taste of: series spotlighting coffee cities around the
world. We were fortunate enough to try 5 different coffees from Oslo. An Ethiopian by Kaffa
Oslo, a Kenyan by Tim Wendelboe, a Rwandan by Supreme Roastworks, a Colombian by
Solberg & Hansen and a Burundi coffee by Kaffebrenneriet. Not knowing the super
interesting line up of coffees we were about to try, the thought of pulling words out of a cup
began to excite me.


Now this wasn’t a super serious, be quiet and take notes, only to speak at the end of the
cupping event. We had five rounds of brewed filter coffee to blindly taste. After tasting each
coffee we openly discussed aromas, flavour notes and anything the coffee provoked in you,
with one person using the description of Autumn to describe the season the coffee
reminded him of. All the information gathered on the coffee was written down on separate
sheets and later used while revealing all the coffees to the group.

The roaster with the highest favoured votes was Kaffebrenneriet with the Natural Gahahe
Burundi taking 16 votes. A clear favourite in the crowd but my personal favourite was the
Washed Gatare lot 62, Nyamasheke Rwandan by Supreme Roastworks. Described as floral
aroma, red berries and citrus, clean and soft, black tea and hibiscus, elegant and clean. Mind
you, I didn’t pick up all these flavours out of the cup but to me it tasted super clean and


The pallet tasting continued when cold Moon Dog Crafty Brewery beer cans rolled out to
calm the early evening caffeine boost. A refreshing way to finish the tasting giving everyone
a chance to catch up and discuss the coffee, laugh about things and form new connections
with fellow coffee enthusiasts. To me this is one of the best things about attending
cuppings, tasting something delicious and learning something new with the opportunity to
meet people who share the same passion as you. It makes the simple experience of drinking
coffee amazing.


"Never stop tasting."


With Bureaux Collective and many other coffee roasting companies holding regular
cuppings and workshops, I highly recommend attending as many cuppings as you can. Trust
me you won’t regret it!