Cold Brew for One

Sometime you just want to make one cup of cold coffee. Cold brew coffee seems to be always produced in bulk, and fair enough too. It takes so long to steep so you might as well make a few litres worth. However, if you are anything like me and love to chop and change between cold, hot and different methods, this cold brew for one could be what you're after.

What you will need:

  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress filter paper
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Cold filtered water
  • Scale
  • Paddle/Stirrer
  • Patients and time


Step 1.

Set up your Aeropress to the inverted method and place it on the scale. 

Step 2.

Weigh out 24g of coffee and grind it to a medium coarseness. I'd suggest a consistency a little finer than table salt. Place the ground coffee in the Aeropress. I'd also suggest to use 2 week old coffee if you can. At 2 weeks the coffee has stabilised and will make cold brewing easier.

Step 3.

Add 240mLs of filtered cold water to the coffee. This is a ratio of 1:10. I have found that this ratio is the nicest when it comes to cold brew. If the brew comes out too concentrated you can just add water to dilute. Once all the water is in, give it a quick stir to saturate all the grinds. Cover the Aeropress with its lid to keep unwanted guests out.

Step 4.

Let your brew steep for anywhere between 14-20 hours. It's very much a trial and error game when you're brewing for this long. I normally brew it for about 16 hours but experiment with it all. 

Step 5.

Once you have let your coffee steep, place the filter paper into the lid and screw it on to the Aeropress. Once the lid is firmly on, turn the Aeropress onto a cup and press down. 

Step 6.

Add a few cubes of ice to chill your brew and you are good to go. One cup of delicious cold brew coffee. 


All my methods are straightforward and simple. I hope they give you an understanding to brew better coffee to the taste you like.