Kalita Wave #185

Kalita Wave dripper features a flat-bottomed brew bed for even extraction, and a filter design that reduces contact between the brewing space and the dripper itself. The Kalita Wave allows you to brew your favourite coffee more evenly, which directly contributes to a fuller flavour and a more balanced extraction. Kalita filter is a lot more forgiving if you make a mistake with grind size or dose. Ideal if you are new to pour overs.    


What you will need:

  • Kalita Dripper #185
  • Kalita Filter Paper #185
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Hot water
  • Goose neck kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Stir stick or spoon 
  • Cup


  1. Place the filter paper inside the Kalita dripper. Rinse the filter with plenty of boiling water. This ensures any paper-like flavours leave the paper filter before we start brewing. Discard the water and place the dripper back onto your vessel. 
  2. Weigh out 22 grams of coffee. Your grind will be just finer than table salt. Medium grind. (Remember your grind size will determine how fast or slow your brew time will be).  For those who brew with a V60 you can use a finer grind with a Kalita.
  3. Place the ground coffee in the filter paper. Give the dripper a little tap to even out the bed of ground coffee. Set your scale to '0 grams'. 
  4. Make sure your water is heating up. Once it has reached boiling point, remove it for 45 second before you start pouring. 
  5. Start your timer! Slowly pour the water into the center of the bed of grounds working towards the outside in a spiral motion until your scale reads ‘44 grams’ (which is double the amount of ground coffee). Wait for 30 seconds, allowing the coffee to absorb the water. This process is called 'blooming'. 
  6. Start pouring in small circular motion. Try not to pour the water on the side of the filter paper. It helps the with an even extraction. Continue pouring in a circular motion until you reach 300 grams. If you can do it all in one slow and steady pour , it will keep the water temperature a little more stable. However, a 2 or 3 pour strategy is still ok. We are aiming for a total brew time of about 3.30 minutes including bloom. 
  7. All the water should have now passed through the dripper. Remove and discard your filter paper and take your freshly brewed coffee to enjoy quietly. You will find your brew will change flavour as it cools. So, don't drink it too quickly. Trust me!! 

All my methods are straightforward and simple. I hope they give you an understanding to brew better coffee to the taste you like.