Manual Coffeemaker No.1: Elegant beauty meets home brewing

I've been using my Manual Coffeemaker for a while now. Sure, you could just go to a coffee shop or have an automatic machine to brew your coffee, but that's no fun. Knowing you have brewed your cup in such an elegant vessel with your chosen method: that extra work definitely makes for a better tasting cup.  

I first saw it on Kickstarter, where I backed it straight away. The simple yet beautiful design was definitely something I wanted in my household. From the hand blown borosilicate glass brewer and carafe to the bamboo base which is designed to develop a patina over time, the guys at Manual have put a lot of thought and craftsmanship into their product. 


The brewer’s double-walled design retains heat, keeping temperature stable for a longer time and the carafe has mL measurement to gauge the volume of your brew. Just in case you don't have a digital scale, the gauge can put you in an acceptable range for that morning cup of coffee. 

A little bit about Manual

Manual is a design brand focused on the interaction between people and food. The man behind it is Craighton Breman, a designer whose work features in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago and he was the first designer to use Kickstarter to launch a product. 


My thoughts

The Manual Coffeemaker is a great product. Hario and Kalita paper filters can both be used with it (but I feel the Kalita filter works best because the flow rate is a lot more consistent). It's definitely one of the best new brewing products on the market.

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