Meet Zac Tuckett - Six Impossible Things

I was going to write an introduction about Zac but he really doesn't need one. What I will say: some of his answers contain explicit language (CONTENT WARNING). He's an amazingly talented guy and a pleasure to interview.

Over to you brother....

My name is Zac. I drink coffee, I make coffee, my moustache and I are behind the account @six_impossiblethings on Instagram. I actually work for the most part these days as a podiatrist, staying involved in the coffee industry to varying degrees, while home-brewing like a mother fucker.   

1. How did you get into coffee

Well this can be answered in a couple of ways. Before coffee i would probably drink up to 1 litre of Red Bull daily- this was frowned upon by those closest to me and urged me to change my caffeine dosing tactics. Though more so really got in to coffee when living in Brunswick. Heavily procrastinating my university studies lead to many'a cafe exploration, drinking coffee not for any caffeine hit, instead enjoying the flavours as well as the company and knowledge provided by the staff of these cafes. Eventually i began my collection of home brewing equipment, fascinated by the processes, pestering you to troubleshoot the many questions i found as i further explored coffee. 

2. You come up with some crazy cool photos. What is your inspiration?  

Nothing in particular i suppose, rolling through Instagram can get pretty repetitive,  nothing really would come of doing the same as everyone else, I'm mostly just having a laugh, which makes it even more funny when i see some people taking what i've done too seriously. No my cat doesn't actually brew my coffees, No i don't actually think doing handstands on Aeropress is achieving anything, No i don't think brewing coffee through a watermelon is the future, but yes, yes sometimes i do brew nude. 
I don't really take much seriously which applies to my coffee too, i thoroughly enjoy experimenting with different variable and methods however i'm never going to enforce what i do onto people as the only way, silly to judge someone for how they like their coffee to taste, do you live in their mouth? are you their tongue? probably not. However if you do have people's tongues reading your blog Matty you've fucking made it man. 

3. What's installed for you and Six Impossible Things?

Few exciting things in the works, the first, easing accessibility to roasters world wide. 
The second is in apparel, old barber shop vibes and coffee, working alongside my mate Josh Jones from Odin sports who is promoting positive acts in the community through the 'Just Be Nice Project' and supplying brand new apparel to those in need, for every item purchased from the #JBNProject , Odin will donate a brand new item to disadvantaged, homeless and rough sleeping Australians. One for One.

4. You're a stylish dude, how do you come up with you style?

Ah, me Ma' dresses me. 
I just wear what i like really, no one really looks at a small child who has dressed themselves and thinks gee that kid looks like a fuckwit, no, because the kid is rocking their look. Everyone knows the kid doesn't care so why should they? 

5. Finally. What is your favourite brew method and why?

I've really been enjoying the cloth filter lately, woodneck particularly. Siphon is always good too, because well, science. But as for my daily, it's likely always gon' be the Kalita Wave.