Pimp your cold brew

With summer only around the corner. I thought of sharing different ways to drink cold brew. There are many ways to drink your cold brew. This blog post will be about adding a little excitement to the way we drink cold brew. Cold brew is going to be a hit this summer and I want it to be a memorable summer of drinking cold coffee.

One quick way to add a little excitement to your brew is to make ice sphere. I use them a lot when I have cold brew. You can buy moulds to make it easier for you.


Below are a few alternatives to pimp up your cold brew. From straight up ice to grapefruit and lemonade. All have been tested and are all delicious.

Rose Water and Raspberry Infused Ice

Add 80mLs of water and about 5-8 drops of rose water. Then add 5 grams of diced raspberries and place into the freezer. Once frozen add you cold brew.  

Lemonade with Ice

Add ice and 3/4 of your cold brew and add 1/4 lemonade.

Fresh Almond Milk with Ice

Place ice into your cup, add half almond milk then top up with cold brew. 

Iced Freshly Squeezed Ruby Grapefruit

Squeeze 60mLs of a ruby grapefruit and place into the freezer. Once frozen add you cold brew. 

Iced Coconut Water  

Freeze 80mLs of coconut water. Once frozen add your cold brew. 

Straight Up with Lots of Ice

The title gives this away.

Enjoy the summer months!