Pouring with Delight - Monarch Methods

Having a great goose neck kettle when brewing coffee is essential. I consider it to be the equivalent of a great espresso coffee machine for baristas. I first stumbled across Monarch Methods a while back, when I was starting to really experiment with different brewing methods. Like the majority of us, I started pouring with the Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle before I saw the Monarch kettle. Its design is truly amazing and the craftsmanship is brilliant. What really stood out to me was the superior control you have when you are pouring.


Monarch Methods provides quality coffee brewing equipment, designed and made by Chris Chekan in Toronto, Canada. As the former head of innovation at Pilot Coffee Roasters in Toronto and recognized as the 2014 Micro Roaster of the Year, Chris values a good cup of coffee. With a background in instrument-making and industrial design, Chris has refined classic brew methods through carefully re-designed pour over equipment. Monarch is proudly Canadian.  All of their products are crafted in Toronto.

Check out this video to get an insight.


About Monarch kettles:

The Monarch kettle is a handmade pouring vessel that uses preheated water for brewing various methods of filter coffee.  The features of a standard gooseneck kettle have been tailored to bring efficiency and precision to the brew method. The result speaks for itself: better coffee through control, consistency and ease of use when brewing.



  • Handleless Grip - increases control of direction, rate and volume of pour.
  • Reduced Diameter Gooseneck - limits flow rate. Easily pour from a single drop to 1200ml/min.
  • Recessed Thermoport - for optional use with a thermometer. Monitor brew water temperature in real time. Fits probes up to 0.1875" (a thermometer is not included).
  • Exact Volume - ensures consistent water dose with every brew, eliminating the need for scales when brewing.
  • Temperature Stability - more than a pound of copper in every kettle, well insulated with thick cork, maintains the water temperature throughout brewing.
  • Cork Insulation - laser cut and custom dyed, it keeps the heat in and your hand cool. Has a removable clasp for easy cleaning.
  • Recessed Lid with Concrete Handle - slim, solid and low profile, the lid features laser cut copper and cast concrete for a clean and classic look.

My thoughts:

I love mine to pieces.

You can go the the Monarch Method website to check out some cool new stuff and the amazing kettle.