Sift those grinds
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The brewing industry has a new toy on the market that will make you a better cup of coffee. Based and developed in Toronto, Kruve Inc, have created a sifting system that will give you a consistent particle grind size to brew with. All grinders, even the best ones, produce a vast variety of grind sizes which include small particles (fines) and larger particle (boulders). The Kruve sifter largely reduces the amount of uneven grinds and gives you a more consistent grind size to brew with.

The Kruve sifter comes in a beautiful compact box. It has a great instruction manual and brew method guide giving you information on which micron sieves you need to use. It's a great starting point. A sieve holder also comes with the pack. 


It works using a two tiered sifting system. The two tiers are interchangeable with 12 different size sieves. Ranging from 200μm all the way to 1100μm. Having 12 micro level sieves allows you to brew with any method you want and get consistent grinds all the time. All you do is grind your coffee, place it in the Kruve and shake it like crazy. It will separate the coffee into 3 compartments: boulders, brewing size and fines. The key to it all is to be consistent with your sifting. Shake it well but either use time or number of shakes or taps to produce the same amount of grounds every time. The process is a little time consuming but well worth it in the end. 

You can see the two tier system here. Larger sieve on top, smaller on the bottom.

You can see the two tier system here. Larger sieve on top, smaller on the bottom.


Before you use your Kruve you will need to calibrate. This is quite a fun process but can really expose how good your grinder is. A good grinder is always crucial and will give you minimal waste after sifting your grinds. 


Choose your brew method and install the two sieves. For example a V60 pourover uses 400μm - 800μm sieves. Use 10 grams of coffee and grind it to a course grind. Place it in the Kruve and shake for 60 seconds. Your boulders and fines should be a 50/50 split when you weigh them. If you have more boulders you will need to fine up your grind until you reach a 50/50 split. Once you have the equal split you are calibrated for that brewing device. Make a note so you don't need to do this again. 

The Unwanted Grinds.

This was something I found a little wasteful but it's not too much coffee if you get the calibrating right. It's roughly around 4 grams as per brew. You can either compost the grinds if you have a compost bin, cook with them (that's hard) or make a body scrub. This is what I have been doing. The boulders and fines are perfect for a scrub. I'll post on how to make a scrub in my next few blog posts.

Cleaning The Sieves.

Super easy process. Just run the sieves under some warm running water and let them air dry. 

The Final Cup.

Having done a few brews with it, I can honestly say it does produce a better cup of coffee. However, it's important to have a good grinder, water, coffee beans and method. Please keep this in mind because brewing has so many variables that impact your cup.

12 different size sieves and holder. 

12 different size sieves and holder. 


Final Say.  

The Kruve sifter is great. It gives you a particle size that can be produced consistently and gives you a better cup of coffee. It has a couple of annoying aspects to it, the waste of coffee and for some of us the extra time added to your morning coffee ritual. However, we all strive to create the best cup possible and the Kruve sifter has given us more control over our brew. 

For more information and where to get your Kruve sifter from, check out their website