The Pourover Challenge: Hario V60 vs Kalita Wave

When it comes to pourover coffee, the V60 has been the go to method for most specialty coffee shops and home brewers. However, in the last 2 years the Kalita Wave has become a conversational topic and is becoming the new favourite tool for brewers.

I think the appeal of the Kalita is its flat bottom design which allows the water to distribute evenly through the grounds giving you an even extraction. However, this doesn’t mean the cup is better than the Hario V60. They just produce a different type of brew.

I have tried to create a simple experiment to compare the two pourover methods. The way I did this was simple. All the variables stayed the same apart from the grind size. I ground three different sizes 9, 11 and 13 on my Encore Grinder.


All my results are based on taste. I have tried to simplify my results so it is easier for you to understand. Below is the table of results.

Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Bariti

Dose: 15 Grams

Water: 200 mLs

Water Temperature: 96 Degrees


I found that the Kalita Wave was a lot more forgiving with the grind size. Acidity, flavour, body, balance and aftertaste were quite similar in all 3 grind sizes. The best balanced cup for the Kalita was the coarse grind (Encore 13). The V60 produced a more full-flavoured cup and accentuated the acidity and sweetness in the cup (especially with Encore grind sizes 9 and 11).

I also found that the Kalita Wave takes a longer time to brew. This is due to the way it's designed. On average it’s 20 seconds longer than the V60. 

The V60 will remain my favourite brewing method. It produces a much sweeter cup when all the variables are correct. Brew 2 produced the best cup. However, it’s clear that the Kalita Wave’s design makes it easier for a beginner to craft a quality cup of coffee, whereas the V60 requires practice and expertise to master the brew.