Which brew method is for you?

Brewing filter coffee involves pouring hot water over a bed of ground coffee. It sounds easy but there are so many different ways to brew your coffee. There are two main categories that I like to separate them into: drip and immersion brewing. The main difference between them? Drip brewing allows the water to pass through the coffee bed, whereas immersion brewing allows the water and coffee to be in full contact for the total amount of brew time. Generally, you will get more flavour and clarity through a drip brewing process and more body through immersion coffee.

Below is a diagram showing how different brewing methods can change the taste and body of the coffee you brew. I’ve ranked them from 'more body, less flavour' to 'more flavour, less body'. I think this is the best way to determine what brewing method suits you.

I think brewing filter coffee is the most rewarding way to drink coffee. Apart from the amazing taste and characteristics each origin can portray, you get to drink something that you personally made. I think there is something about taking time to brew your coffee, rather than pressing a button on your automatic coffee maker. I understand that we are time poor these days but a few extra minutes to brew something that has complex flavours is a better way to start your day.

Once you have picked a method that interests you, purchase the equipment and go and get yourself some single origin coffee (filter roast is best). To help you get started, I’ll be uploading brewing methods to guide you. Don’t take my methods as gospel though, there are plenty of methods out there that you can integrate into what will become your own unique method. Just remember everyone tastes differently, so do what tastes good to you.

Happy Brewing.